The heart is a mysterious organ, and it holds secret treasures, but our HEART ME collection is easy to love, in secret and in public.

The HEART ME collection is a modern approach to the timeless idea of the heart and the eternal spirit of love. Inspired by great love stories and heartaches each design is a precious memento, a personal love letter. Classic designs reinvented for women today. Even England’s future Queen loves heart-shaped jewellery.
The most famous believer in love and jewellery, Elizabeth Taylor features high on our list of stylish inspirations, for years she wore her small heart-shaped pendant which her late husband Mike Todd had gifted to her. It was simple, delicate and a reminder of the greatest love cut short.
Jewellery represents our emotional attachment to another human being, looking a beautiful necklace or ring has a way of keeping the memories of loved ones close. Let our beautiful collectionbe your stylish cheerleader. Celebrate personal milestones with our sparkling necklaces, earrings and rings that highlight your mood.
A collection that is both distinctive and timeless with each piece created to our exacting standards by our dedicated team. Handmade with a taste for the sophisticated our range features lustrous 18-karat Gold Plated and 18-karat rose-gold plated designs.
Tell your romantic story with our glamorous, modern and intriguing collection.

Heart Me

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